Digital Workforce


The virtual workforce will blur plant specific headcount i.e. expertise/intelligence will be on the Cloud both real and artificial . Expertise will flow seamlessly to the point of need over digital networks. Artificial Intelligence will be a key factor that will help the Digital Worker reach fast decisions and avoid repetitive problem solving.

This is not going to happen overnight.

Conventional digital approaches successful in consumer space will not work – Digital in Operations is not “eyeball” driven. It is
fundamentally value driven – the one notification that’s most value adding contextually to a digital worker at any specific moment will matter. No notifications is a good thing. Less screen time should be a good thing.


The digital worker will be smartly assisted and augmented by technology – not replaced.


The digital worker will be connected with unlimited access to peers, specific & relevant expertise and experiential knowledge via a collaborative network.


The digital worker will rely on a foundational capability of sound master and operational data to enable the digital tools available at her command.

Our approach to operational Digital Transformation is a risk balance end-to-end methodology that starts with agile piloting, proving value and then harnessing benefits at scale.