Without a strong master data management and operations management/execution system capability, digital transformation is handicapped. We have learned that most operational environments have remained stagnant locked in rigid legacy systems that have not evolved. We deploy flexible, agile & scalable systems to ensure the right foundation for operations to go digital.


You cannot improve whats you cannot measure. TrakSYS™ is a flexible, powerful and real-time software specifically designed to bring overall improvement to manufacturing operations by establishing real time performance visibility into operations. The software deploys quickly, integrating with existing infrastructure to easily interface with critical systems and enhance productivity and OEE.

As an example, for an international food company, TrakSYS™ helped

Elevate the quality of products.

Implement real-time operations management, resulting in – 


• 13.5% Increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

• 6.36% Improvement to Adjusted Productivity.

• $84,000 Total Labor Savings, Per Line, in a Single Plant.

Enhance the output and productivity of the existing equipment in their plant.

As certified partner, we can help you navigate establishing performance viability for your operations.


Today’s challenge is not a lack of customer data, but how to organize and curate customer data into usable information. Profisee as a One Platform, No Limits MDM solution  that can aggregate customer data from across the enterprise, improve the quality of that data, and connect the dots across your enterprise systems, allowing you to understand the full breadth and depth of your customer relationships. Profisee as a versatile platform lends itself to enabling Master Data management for all domains.

As a global brewer, AB InBev provides a consistent product experience regardless of changing variables across a global network of breweries. ExTech helped AB InBev deploy Profisee to manage  Quality specifications for every brewery for each of their 3 Global and 400 worldwide brands.


We have honed a global near-shore and off-shore balance in our teams to develop a responsive delivery methodology. Leveraging contemporary delivery management tools such as Jira and Asana, we bring to life customer needs and ideas in cycles measured in hours and days. The user is engaged iteratively to develop the requirements and our process assimilates learnings of the business throughout the development process. As a result, capabilities delivered are practical, user friendly and consequentially successful in running the operational processes.

All our development processes embrace the agile methodology for responsive delivery cycles and continuous user engagement. Agile uses empirical, iterative approach to software development emphasizing a continuous focus on value, flexibility, customer involvement, and rapid delivery of functionality.

Agile is not “one size fits all,” and our delivery approaches flexibility/hybrid use of various available methodologies depending on project/product characteristics.


Key Characteristics of our Agile Framework –

Organizing work into feature or process focused sprints instead of by phase.

Defining deliverable or task “instances” in sprint plans.

A “rolling wave” planning approach that defines and refines sprint plans throughout.

Requirement priority being force-ranked (not just “critical,” “high,” “medium,” “low”) to keep everything from being a “must have”.

Frequent demonstrations of software system to the client and gathering of feedback.

Tracking “earned value” during sprints using a burn down trend instead of a single point index.

Conventionally, projects organize work into temporary, build-only teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. We adopt a Product-mode instead uses durable, ideate-build-run teams working on a persistent business issue. Product-mode allows our teams to reorient quickly, reduce end-to-end cycle time and allows validation of actual benefits by using short-cycle iterations.

TrakSYS™ is a trademark of Parsec Automation Corporation.

Profisee™ is a trademark of Profisee Group Inc.